The three legends in the outdoor industry came together with a new brand TH3 LEGENDS,

  with full line of products and for licensing opportunities available

  I Cast 2014

Th3 Legends at Icast 2013

The new products launch of Th3 Legends at the 2014 Icast show in Las Vegas was a huge success for the guys. Large crowds stood in line to meet the Legends and view some of the greatest new outdoor gear to be found. This was a sample of even more to come shortly and with the reception of buyers from across the country and even internationally, we are looking forward to an outstanding year.

           The three legends of the outdoor industry, Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston, and Roland Martin came together and formed a new trademarked  brand, TH3 LEGENDS to work with manufacturers and distribution/sales partners. The Brand will be used on a complete line of outdoor products. Licensing opportunities will be available. The company will research and brand products that reflect high quality and consumer confidence. The  products will become available in leading retail stores this coming year across the United States.

The three legends have a combined exposure of  over 120 years of television show experience, and their shows currently air on the NBC Sports channel. They will provide valuable marketing and promotion for the Brand and products to promote retail sales nationwide.

Each of the three are true LEGENDS in their own right, and by combining  the huge fan base and vast experience in outdoor products, TH3 LEGENDS will make a big impact on outdoor sales.